Sunday, 25 September 2011

Baby Basket

When my friend, the Vintage Bride, came to visit last month and meet Baby Biddle (with her own little vintage styled nipper in tow) she brought us such a lovely gift. I thought I'd share it with you as a great homemade present idea for new parents and babies in your life. The idea originally came from the Vintage Bride's own Mum who'd created something similar for her for the arrival of Baby Milo.
So here's the idea.
one. Take a small basket - the type for collecting roses are a great size.
two. Line with pretty fabric like these vintage illustrations of Peter Rabbit - use a strip of elastic and some pretty co-ordinated ribbon to tie the lining to the basket.
three. Fill with lovely goodies for Momma, Poppa & Bubs. Our basket contained organic baby shower gel and wipes, nappy cream, a teeny brush and comb, a flannel, cotton buds and a teddy, plus lotions and potions for a new mum.

The great thing about this present is that you get lots of luxury toiletries that you probably wouldn't buy yourself, and then the basket makes hugely useful storage for around the house. The Vintage Bride uses hers in the bathroom but I've since filled ours with all the Little Lion's favourite toys and first books. Or of course you could fill the basket with products personal to the recipient.


  1. Oh, that is the lovliest gift. And that fabric is awesome. I love presents that include bits for Bubs and their Mamas ;) xx

  2. oh and ps. Thanks for the Babar poster recommendation. We'll have to pop along there and scope it out. Plus the junk shop? On Julian Rd, from 10am to 12 on Saturdays only. Get there at 10 though, because it's always rammed. It can be hit or miss, but there's always lovely vintage crockery and glass or picture frames if nothing else. Best discovery for a while! x

  3. What a lovely idea! My friend has just had her first, I may have to make her one of these. This is such a lovely little blog! I think I may also have to have a go at making some bibs! x