Friday, 23 September 2011

Dandy Deckchair

Greetings blog chums and apologies for my little absence. Family Biddle have been hanging out with my in-laws and a lack of wifi in picturesque Cambridge. Whilst there I was able to see lots of my fabulous sister who lives in the Midlands and during one of our shopping jaunts I picked up this delightful deckchair for future summer lounging by Baby Biddle (when he's got a little more head and limb control!). I can just picture him now - non-alcoholic cocktail in one hand, copy of the Beano in the other, soaking up some rays!

The chair is made by Powell Craft who I know as makers of gorgeous, vintage inspired clothing. And even better, it was in the sale of the shop in Oundle where I bought it so it had a third off. Whoop whoop.

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