Friday, 30 September 2011

Baby Bird

Our friends, the Featherstones, welcomed their little boy into the world two weeks ago today. He's a real treasure and already making his Momma and Poppa very happy. When I held him, I practically threw him into the air - I hadn't realised quite how heavy the Little Lion had become over the last four months. Goodness knows why my back ached so much from holding him as a new born - I felt like I could have twirled Baby Feathers round on one finger!

It seems a bit of a tradition now for me to whip up a little baby quilt for each new born baby that arrives in our friendship groups. So I made this suitably feathery specimen for the newest arrival to our dear friends. 
There are just two layers of fabric - the birds and the spots, which have been sewn together with the wadding using lots of freehand machine stitches backwards and forwards across the length of the quilt. It's edged in a vintage floral print and the bird fabric is an Ikea bargain.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Our boy is so desperate to be able to sit and stand. The strength is there but he still needs help to balance. It's amazing seeing him get better at it every day. What an honour.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Baby Basket

When my friend, the Vintage Bride, came to visit last month and meet Baby Biddle (with her own little vintage styled nipper in tow) she brought us such a lovely gift. I thought I'd share it with you as a great homemade present idea for new parents and babies in your life. The idea originally came from the Vintage Bride's own Mum who'd created something similar for her for the arrival of Baby Milo.
So here's the idea.
one. Take a small basket - the type for collecting roses are a great size.
two. Line with pretty fabric like these vintage illustrations of Peter Rabbit - use a strip of elastic and some pretty co-ordinated ribbon to tie the lining to the basket.
three. Fill with lovely goodies for Momma, Poppa & Bubs. Our basket contained organic baby shower gel and wipes, nappy cream, a teeny brush and comb, a flannel, cotton buds and a teddy, plus lotions and potions for a new mum.

The great thing about this present is that you get lots of luxury toiletries that you probably wouldn't buy yourself, and then the basket makes hugely useful storage for around the house. The Vintage Bride uses hers in the bathroom but I've since filled ours with all the Little Lion's favourite toys and first books. Or of course you could fill the basket with products personal to the recipient.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Dandy Deckchair

Greetings blog chums and apologies for my little absence. Family Biddle have been hanging out with my in-laws and a lack of wifi in picturesque Cambridge. Whilst there I was able to see lots of my fabulous sister who lives in the Midlands and during one of our shopping jaunts I picked up this delightful deckchair for future summer lounging by Baby Biddle (when he's got a little more head and limb control!). I can just picture him now - non-alcoholic cocktail in one hand, copy of the Beano in the other, soaking up some rays!

The chair is made by Powell Craft who I know as makers of gorgeous, vintage inspired clothing. And even better, it was in the sale of the shop in Oundle where I bought it so it had a third off. Whoop whoop.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bandana Bib Free Tutorial

Baby B had a mammoth three hour nap this lunchtime which gave me the chance not only to pack for his first trip to the Continent tomorrow, but also to put together the Mrs Biddle's Bandana Bib tutorial. These are mega easy and quick to make and really inexpensive too.

What you need ...
  • Cotton fabric for the top
  • Fleece or terry towelling for the backing - I've used fleece here as it's what I could buy in Bath. It works well at not letting any moisture through from the top layer, and is nice and soft too.
  • Pattern
  • 1.5" strip of velcro (or you could use nickel free poppers/snaps - they just didn't have any on Bath's Guildhall Market!)
  • Contrasting thread
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Fabric pencil
  • Scissors

one. Download the pattern and cut out. Place the straight line on the fold of your backing and front fabrics, draw round and cut out adding an extra 5mm seam allowance (as shown below).
two. Iron and pin the two fabrics facing right sides together.
three. Sew round the entire shape, 5mm from the edge. Backstitch at either end and leave a gap for turning through. In this picture, I've left the gap at the very top, but after a bit of trial and error, I think it's easier to pop this gap further down one side so have marked this on my pattern. This strap can be the underneath one anyway so no one will see it!
four. Turn the whole bib through the gap you left.
five. Pin close the gap and iron the whole thing flat.
six. Top stitch round the entire shape - contrasting thread looks lovely here. This top stitching will also close up your gap.
seven. Pin your velcro on - one strip on the top side, one on the backing. Sew this on, backstitching at the start and end to make it secure. OR if you're using poppers, attach these now. If you did any dodgy sewing and turning where your gap was, make this the bottom part of the fastening and no one will ever see it!
eight. Pop it on a teething child. Watch them dribble all over your lovely fabrics. Pat yourself on the back.

If you do make a Mrs Biddle Bandana Bib using this pattern & tutorial, I'd love to see your creations. Please leave me a link to your blog post or flickr photo on my comments bit. Ta muchly, and happy sewing. x
Here are a couple of others I ran up in the same batch.

The Dribble Monster

Baby Biddle has started dribbling. It literally pours out of his mouth in a steady stream, soaking his baby gros right down the front. My Momma sent him some bandana bibs from the internet which have been doing a sterling job of catching the drool. And yesterday, I decided to have a go at making some myself. They were super easy and quick to make, and I'm pretty chuffed with how the first prototypes turned out - I'm going to do a little more experimenting then there will be a little tutorial winging its way to this blog asap.