Friday, 2 March 2012

Je sais lire

After a trip to parent and baby cinema, Baby B and I popped to the cobblers in Bath to have new heels put onto my boots. Then on the way home, we found ourselves stood in the Oxfam bookshop. Do you ever find that ... somehow you're inside a shop and you have no memory of walking in. This happens to me often, especially with charity shops, fabric shops and Urban Outfitters. It's like I have an internal magnet that draws me in that I can't switch off. Anyway, thanks to the magnet, I found this gorgeous little vintage treasure of a book tucked away in the children's section. A first French edition of Dick Bruna's I Can Read. I love love love the illustrations and I'm now wondering whether they might make lovely little embroideries. Here's hoping for a bilingual baby.