Monday, 16 January 2012


l'm stuck. For the first time in his little life, Baby Biddle is off colour. Up at 1.45am, Mr B & I took it in turns to rock him and soothe him throughout the night. Now, I'm not complaining as he's always been a pretty good sleeper and last night was definitely his worst ever for good reasons. So today, the little lion is completely shattered and the only place he wants to sleep is curled up on our chests. Which is our pleasure, except we move house tomorrow and there's mammoth amounts of packing to be done. So Mr B is downstairs being a house moving hero whilst I'm stuck lying on the bed with our beautiful little boy curled up on my front, just like the early days when he was a newborn.
If you don't hear from me again for a little while, it's because we're sorting our new internet and getting unpacked. So those in the UK, enjoy this gorgeous crisp cold weather, and hopefully the sun is shining for those further afield too. Mrs B xx

Sunday, 15 January 2012


As some of my dear readers will remember, when I was heavily pregnant, I went into a sewing frenzy to kill the time as I waited for the Little B Boy to arrive. One of the things I made was a pair of chocolate brown cord dungarees which I wrote about here. Back then, as our waiting game extended into ten long days over due, it seemed almost impossible there would ever be a baby big enough to fit them. And yet here he is, almost eight months old, and they fit him like a glove (and the retro styling  make him look slightly like he was born in 1973). I'm a mega proud momma to see him not only wearing one of my creations but also desperate to stand in them too!
Now on the other side of motherhood, the only problem with this lovely pattern (Burda Easy No. 9772) is that there is no opening on the inside leg so they have to be completely taken off for nappy changes. I'd definitely add a little extra allowance and a strip of snaps if I made them again. These dungarees fit so much better than the trousers from the same pattern which were so wide legged that I put them on him, laughed until I cried because he looked like a clown, then returned them to the bottom of the drawer, never to be seen again.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Stars at Night

It's a bit bonkers to think that this time next week, we'll live in a new house. Little B will never be able to remember the insides of the little terraced cottage in which he spent his first few months of life but as we're only moving round the corner, we'll be able to walk past the outside and tell him about bringing him home from the hospital. In our new house, there's an attic room with windows looking up to the stars. So when I saw this vintage print in the lovely Kickcan & Conkers shop, I couldn't resist treating our family Biddle to a little house warming present. I hope it will encourage Little B to look up into the night sky and dream big dreams.

It's so worth looking at the Kickcan & Conkers shop which is full to bursting with adorable vintage treasures, particularly for little ones. And the owner, Deborah Beau, has a gorgeous blog too which is a feast for vintage lovers eyes. We were delighted with our prettily wrapped parcel from France.
The little bunny rabbit is a battery operated night light - I've been eyeing up the ceramic version but they are pretty pricey. So when I saw this chap for £4.95 in Prey in Bath I couldn't resist it as one of the little fella's Christmas presents. 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Site for Sore Eyes: On the First Day of Marriage

One of my favourite blog reads has to be On the First Day of Marriage, an adorable collection of the musings of Nell, a writer, crafter, bargain vintage hunter and very-soon-mummy-to-be who lives in ... Bath. Snap. I always love reading her posts, be it witnessing her ever growing bump (which could be a baby any day now), seeing her charity shop finds, looking at her lovely photography or hearing about the fun she has with her loving husband, family and friends.

One of the things I love about the blogosphere is meeting, reading about and being inspired by like-minded souls from all over the globe. So when I first discovered Nell's Bath based blog, I was super excited that I might actually be able to meet a blog buddy in person. And after some tentative emailing,  meet up we did, over hot drinks and Eccles cake and talked ourselves hoarse. What a lovely lass she is and Little B enjoyed his cuddles with her, despite her bump taking up lots of lap space! We wish her and the hubby much luck and joy with the arrival of their bubba, and look forward to being pram buddies very soon.

Nell and her Momma are also champion knitters. They whip up some seriously lovely vintage inspired wool creations which can be bought through Nell's etsy shop Happy Circus. Check out the awesome booties, and how utterly amazing are those multi-coloured leggings? (although Baby Biddle is too large to be able to buy him a pair!)
 NB: All photos in this post taken by Nell

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sweet Seat

For his Christening, Little B was a very lucky chap and received some gorgeous gifts. And a very special one amongst them was this super cool chair from his amazing Godmother Miss Lawton. The engraved miniature seat came from Unto This Last on Brick Lane which does all kinds of cool adult furniture too. It's well worth checking out their website.

Our big news is that the Biddle family are moving to a new home round the corner (in a fortnight ... eek, so much to sort out before then) where Baby Biddle will finally get his own proper nursery. So this little chair will be the perfect addition - we can't wait to start decorating and using all that inspiration I've been pinning over the last few months.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Doll Carrier

My gorgeous Goddaughter Miss B is a big fan of dolls. She's been looking after her favourite, Annabel, since she was little, swaddling, nursing and generally copying her mum, Mrs Masters, since the arrival of her little brother H. I'd been meaning to make her the bear carrier from Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew for a while, so I grabbed a couple of opportunities before Christmas to make her one as a festive gift. I used a Kokka fabric I'd had lurking in my fabric box for a while, combined with a pink polka dot and blue gingham.
As with all of the Oliver + S patterns I've tried so far, this came together easily and beautifully. I love the level of finish their patterns have and I always learn something new - in this case, how to properly line a pocket. The only thing that was a tad annoying about the pattern was that you needed to have the child to hand to position and sew on the final pieces of velcro. With Miss B living an hour and a half away and this being a gift, I had to guess and guessed wrong. But the straps were long enough to be able to tie them round her waist so she could use the carrier straight away. I love how it turned out and I know I would have loved one for my baby doll.
Here's the carrier modelled by my favourite childhood baby doll, and then by little Miss B & Annabel.