Monday, 28 May 2012

Sand Between Our Toes

Hello lovely readers, sorry it's been a while. That is if you're still out there. This last week or so has been all about work work work mixed with childcare and numerous hours worth of commuting up and down the M6. We're up North staying with my mum and whilst I've been at work on a project in Lancaster, Little B has been spoilt rotten by his Gran and experienced his first ever days of formal childcare. He's had a blast but it's also been a little overwhelming for us all. But we're finding a new rhythm and there's only two weeks left to go before we return to Bath and normality.

So there haven't been many opportunities for playing or photos or crafting or thrifting. But here are a few snaps from my precious day off in the sun yesterday. A trip to Blackpool, playing in the sand, paddling in the sea and splashing in Gran's garden.
I'll be back soon, probably in a quivering heap of tiredness and contentment - thanks for sticking with me. Mrs B x

Thursday, 10 May 2012


My lovely little sister came to visit at the weekend with her clan and they brought two lovely gifts with them. One was the most fabulous house warming gift I've ever seen. She found this old wooden letterpress tray at a car boot for about £3 and by adding her own little colourful touch, she's turned it into a wall mounted masterpiece ready to hold the trinkets us Biddles find on our adventures. It's now pride of place in our bathroom and we love love love it.
She also brought the other belated part of my birthday present which had got delayed in the post ... this cutie pie Alain Gree print. Loving those little men with their pointy hats.
And talking of birthdays, happy birthday wishes go to Nell today - sorry the sun isn't shining for you but hope you're having rainy day fun. x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Wheels on the Bus

As I type, the rain is still drip drip dripping outside. There have been some welcome breaks over the weekend - thank goodness as we had my sister's clan here to visit and it was lovely to get out and about with them. But since they left, there's been more rain. So I spent most of this morning crawling round Little B's bedroom trying to take pictures of the little blonde curls on the back of his head. They are so adorable and I know they won't be there forever.
Whilst at baby level, I snapped some other shots of his bedroom including lots of his current favourite toy - the London bus we got him for Christmas.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Voici mon nez

Just a little something I'm working on at the minute ... a couple of little embroideries using images from the vintage French Dick Bruna book I bought recently. Perhaps for the bathroom or the boy's room?