Sunday, 30 September 2012

Room for a Little One

Hello chaps and chappettes. Sorry it has been a while. Life has been go, go, go with not much room left for blogging and sewing and crafting. But one thing we have managed to do is finally create and decorate a room for B. The poor mite has only really ever had a cot to call his own, and then when we moved in January, we flung a few bits into his little bedroom and kept meaning to get around to properly hanging pictures, giving it a lick of paint and making him some curtains. Here's how it turned out.
The major changes are the feature wall of our favourite Farrow and Ball colour Babouche which we had lots left over from various little furniture projects. The mint green chest of drawers would have clashed hideously so they got a facelift with a lovely shade of grey. The curtains started life as a vintage duvet cover which I got for free from a project I was working on over the summer. The dolls house was also a freebie from the same project. And it's lovely to finally have all the little bits of art work we've collected and had given to us, properly hung on the wall. B keeps stroking the yellow wall and pointing to it so we think he's happy with his new room.