Saturday, 27 October 2012


I've received a flurry of lovely post recently. Isn't it fab when the post man delivers exciting parcels?

First up were these utterly awesome DMs - I worked with an actress recently who wore some, and I had to go straight on the Dr Marten website and order a pair. They were, thankfully, in the sale and they are gorgeous. I've never owned any DMs before so they make me think of my sister in her teenage Goth days!
The very lovely Fritha from Tigerlily Quinn blog got in touch recently, having thought of me when Ecover got in touch with her to find some blogger Mummys who might like to try out their new Ecover Zero range. So one day, a huge box arrived with lots of lovely baby friendly cleaning products which we look forward to trying. Thanks so much Fritha for thinking of us, and Ecover for the generous parcel.
Having finally, finally got an iPhone (how did I survive without it?) I wanted to get a pretty cover for it. So off I trundled to Society 6 and bought this beauty. The design is called Voyages Over Edinburgh by David Fleck and despite the length of time it took to arrive, and the extra fees to collect it from the post man, I am delighted with it.
Finally, Father Christmas made his first delivery to our house in the form of this Play Tent for B from H&M. I'd seen their new range with Unicef, All For Children, in the weekend papers, and knew we had to get one of their stylish, unisex wendy houses for B (although it's probably more for me if I'm totally honest - I loves mine as a kid). How cool is the bag it came in too?
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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


My friend Mrs Jones is expecting her first baby. She was due eleven days ago so we keep expecting to receive a good news text at any minute. Now Mrs Jones is obsessed with the colours grey and peach. They don't know the gender of the imminent one, and yet he or she has a beautiful nursery ready with peach walls over which charcoal swallows fly. We popped round to see her at the weekend - B was eleven days late too so we went to help fill in the hours of waiting! And I took her and her lovely husband this quilt, which I made for the little one. It's grey and peach, of course. The triangle fabric came from Backstitch.

Friday, 19 October 2012

New Peachy Goodness

This is my gorgeous sister carrying my little boy through the farm. As those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know, Aunt Sally (aka The Little Peach Print Company) is a super talented illustrator and has been building up her range of products for sale on her website, notonthehighstreet, and etsy. Here are some new feats of awesomeness poured from her talented brain down a pencil. xx
This little sailor and astronaut are available as a boy, girl, cat or bear, and can come in plate or print form.
 This pretty little picnic plate can come in either blue or pink colourways.
And these awesome initial plates come in a variety of different colours - check her web shop for more details - and if you buy two, you get another ampersand(&) plate for free. What a talented lass she is. x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bath City Farm

Yesterday, we finally got round to visiting Bath City Farm which is up on the hill in the Twerton area of the city. We were completely blown away with it. The hillside setting means it has gorgeous views across the city, and there is a lovely small selection of animals including lots of goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks, and yesterday featured some very cute baby goats too. They have a new children's play area called The Fort which B loved climbing all over and getting mucky in the sand. And they have a little community cafe, shop and amphitheatre too. And even better, you can go onto the farm site to visit the animals any time you like via stiles and kissing gates from the surrounding woodland. So how much is this idyll in the hills I hear you cry? It's FREE my dear readers (although donations welcome). How crazy is that?
Having visited places like the Avon Valley Country Park which is great but comes at a price, I was so impressed with the City Farm's community atmosphere and open to all policy. Whilst we were there, we saw children from the local area popping in to visit their favourite animals who they knew by name. What an amazing resource for a local community. Much of the work is undertaken by volunteers and we'll definitely be visiting the Roots and Shoots toddler group in the future (for the bargainous price of £1.50 for adults, 50p for kids including hot drinks and squash). We enjoyed it so much that I know we'll be back to visit again and again, and we're just in the process of becoming members and might have to adopt a goat whilst we're at it! If you're in the area, do drop by and say hello to those naughty billy goats.