Friday, 11 October 2013

Gathering Leaves

The leaves have begun to make their descent from the trees, turning to beautiful shades of yellow, red and brown, and cascading to the ground. Near to our house is Henrietta Park which houses the most perfect trees and will soon be covered in a carpet of leaves. Yesterday, we headed there in the dying sun to gather special specimens to decorate Autumn Crowns.
Tucked away at the back of Henrietta Park is a sensory garden, complete with giant Rosemary bushes and a pond filled with fish. Completely contained within iron railings, I can sit on a bench whilst B safely heads off to explore all the little pathways and wooded areas. He enjoys the freedom of disappearing from my sight, only to return minutes later to check I'm still there.
When we arrived home, we attempted to make our Autumn Crowns. It turns out the leaves didn't like the glue and wouldn't stick to the cardboard so I threaded them onto ribbon instead and we wore our leafy headbands with pride!