Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Nook of One's Own

Howdy folks. How was your summer? Ours was a crazy busy one, filled with lots of work, a fair bit of travel, hanging out with lovely friends and family, all enhanced by the lovely weather we've enjoyed for such a long patch. Probably much the same as your summers in fact!

As our busy schedules came to a little rest stop last week, we decided to have a mega clear out. Four huge bags have made their way to Oxfam, another large bag was deposited at the recycling depot, B's pram and spare high chair have gone to good homes via the Genesis Trust, and a load of other stuff has been collected through Freecycle. And blimey it feels good. The majority of the clutter came out of the eaves in the attic and made space for the numerous guitar and instrument cases which had been sat in our little attic nook since we moved in almost two years ago. So with this child-sized space finally cleared, we decided to create a little reading nook for B.
Here's how it looked post guitar case clear out but pre-nook creation. A pretty useless space but with lovely glass bricks, put there to let more light in to the hall way (thanks previous owners). And here's how it looks now. Hooray. It's like we've gained a whole other mini-room. And B loves it.
When it finally came to creating this space, we didn't spend anything as we already had all the ingredients lying around the house. Actually, I lie - we bought the little book basket in Suffolk last week for £7.95 from the Suffolk Food Hall.
The tiny hot air balloon was a gift but I think you can buy them in My Small World. I hardly need to tell you but the book shelves are Ribba picture ledges from Ikea, are cheap as chips and work a treat.
I ran up two large cushions with fabric I already owned, tucked away in my stash.
The engraved chair was a Christening gift from B's amazing Godmother, and is the perfect location for the Gruffalo to watch over proceedings. B's little guitar was another Christening gift from my Dad.
We picked up the woven basket in the Tiger Store in Reykjavik, squishing it into our luggage as it was such a bargain. The rug came from the kid's section of Zara Home. Finally, the fabulous felt garland was a gift from our lovely friends Nell and Josephine - the moment we stuck it up on the wall, we cheered with delight as it was such a perfect fit. You can find Nell's garlands and other lovely knitted goodies here.