Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fabric Play Crown Tutorial

Following on from my last post, here is a tutorial for how to make fabric play crowns. These crowns come together really easily and are multi-sized due to being tied by ribbon.

What you need:
  • Pattern.
  • Two different fabrics.
  • Wadding if you have lighter weight fabric. I used offcuts I had left from the wadding I use for quilts. For thicker fabrics like heavy linen or furnishing fabric, you may not need to use wadding.
  • 50cm of ribbon - cut into two lengths of 25cm.
  • Thread.
one. Download, print out and cut out the pattern. 
two. Fold your fabric in half, right side together. Place the pattern on the fold of the fabric. Draw round the pattern with a pencil on the wrong side of your fabric. Cut out 1cm bigger than the pattern shape. Repeat for your other piece of fabric and your wadding if using.
three. I find it useful to then draw in the peaks of the crown onto just the front fabric as this makes it easier for sewing.
four. Now arrange your crown sandwich. Place your wadding down first. Place your backing fabric on top, right side up. Place your two lengths of ribbon on top, about 2.5cm from the bottom. If you're adding a personalised label, now is the time to also pop that in, folded in half. Then put the main fabric (with your full pencil lines) on top, face down. Pin it all together.
five. Now sew all around the crown leaving a large opening along the bottom edge. I start from about 3/cm in along the bottom edge, reverse stitching over the end, then doing the side, the peaks, the side and then another 3cm of the botton edge before reverse stitching again to finish. This then leaves a big gap to turn through.
When you get to the bottoms of the peaks, it's worth slightly curving your stitching as this helps to keep the peaks flatter when you turn through.
six. Now trim off the excess fabric, getting as close as you dare to the tops of the peaks, but don't trim off the fabric along your bottom edge opening.
seven. Turn the crown through. I use a thick knitting needle to help gently prod the peaks to sharp points.
eight. Iron the crown, gently flattening out the points, and folding under the open flap ready for sewing.
nine. Top stitch the now ironed bottom edge of your crown right the way along the length. Reverse stitch at both ends to make the stitching secure. Snip the ends of your ribbons in a V to prevent them from fraying.
And you're done. If you make any of these play crowns, I'd love to see the results so do send me a link or a photo. Happy crown making.

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