Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fabric Play Crowns

Around November last year, as Christmas loomed into view, I got to thinking about what crafty project I could undertake to make gifts for all of the small people we know. Our Christmas list featured 18 children so I wanted to make something personal that also didn't us cost the earth. I've been seeing a number of fabric play crowns for sale on various websites recently, which are beautiful but really pricey considering how easy they are to make. So I figured out how and ran up a pile of them. It was a great use of all the pretty fabrics in my stash and it was lovely to hand pick a fabric that I thought might suit each child. I'm delighted with how they all turned out, plus now we're well past the festive season, I can now share the fruits of my labour.

I also made a little tutorial in case any one else fancies making their own - you can find the link here.



  1. Worn all the time round these parts!! They're brilliant xx

  2. Nice to see you back blogging! :) I love these crowns! Such a cute idea!

  3. Oh my, I look forward to using this pattern... thank you! Love the crowns all in a pile, and some rather gorgeous fabrics there!